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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In New Jersey

The average price per watt for solar panels will vary from city to city in New Jersey. The below pricing represents a range of costs based on an average price per watt of $2.67.

System Size Avg. Cost Per Watt Low-End Price Average Price High-End Price
6 kWs $2.67 $12,015.00 $16,020.00 $20,025.00
8 kWs $2.67 $16,020.00 $21,360.00 $26,700.00
10 kWs $2.67 $20,025.00 $26,700.00 $33,375.00
12 kWs $2.67 $24,030.00 $32,040.00 $40,050.00
14 kWs $2.67 $28,035.00 $37,380.00 $46,725.00
16 kWs $2.67 $32,040.00 $42,720.00 $53,400.00

Bare in mind, the estimated prices you see above are based on the average cost per watt in New Jersey. The average price per watt in your city might be a little higher or lower depending on your city or county.

New Jersey Solar Panel Rebates

You might be surprised to find out that in addition to the 26% solar tax credit, there are a bare minimum of 50 solar panel rebates that you can apply for in the State of New Jersey. You can save thousands of dollars on your installation. Click the button below to view all of the solar rebates available to you.

  • At Least 50 Solar Rebates
  • Get Federal Tax Credits & New Jersey Solar Rebates
  • Save Thousands Of Dollars On Solar Panels In New Jersey
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New Jersey Solar Panels By City

Cities In New Jersey Where Solar Is Booming

Homeowners in New Jersey are saving huge on solar panels with solar tax credits. Find out more about how you can eliminate your energy bills, improving the value of your home, and make New Jersey a little more green. Check out some of the cities where solar panels are popular in New Jersey below.

  • Brick
    Sunlight kWh1018.3kWh
    % Qualified83.22%
    Med. kW Potential9.75kW
  • Cherry Hill
    Sunlight kWh1017.45kWh
    % Qualified76.81%
    Med. kW Potential9.5kW
  • Clifton
    Sunlight kWh993.65kWh
    % Qualified85.64%
    Med. kW Potential6.25kW
  • Edison
    Sunlight kWh992.8kWh
    % Qualified88.12%
    Med. kW Potential9.5kW
  • Elizabeth
    Sunlight kWh990.25kWh
    % Qualified86.43%
    Med. kW Potential6.75kW
  • Franklin Township
    Sunlight kWh991.95kWh
    % Qualified91.39%
    Med. kW Potential11kW
  • Hamilton Township
    Sunlight kWh992.8kWh
    % Qualified84.44%
    Med. kW Potential7.75kW
  • Jersey City
    Sunlight kWh982.6kWh
    % Qualified86.41%
    Med. kW Potential6.75kW
  • Newark
    Sunlight kWh986.85kWh
    % Qualified84.38%
    Med. kW Potential6.75kW
  • Old Bridge Township
    Sunlight kWh992.8kWh
    % Qualified85.78%
    Med. kW Potential9kW
  • Paterson
    Sunlight kWh993.65kWh
    % Qualified85.53%
    Med. kW Potential6.25kW
  • Toms River
    Sunlight kWh1018.3kWh
    % Qualified83.84%
    Med. kW Potential9kW
  • Woodbridge Township
    Sunlight kWh992.8kWh
    % Qualified84.45%
    Med. kW Potential7kW

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Solar Panels In New Jersey

Still have questions about getting solar panels installed at your home or property in New Jersey? Browse some of our most common questions and answers below.

How many solar panels do you need to power a house?

Typically, an average-sized house will need 20 to 25 solar panels. However, depending on the size of the house, the sun exposure, where you live, and how much energy you consume, you could need more.

How long does it take to break even on solar panels?

The time it takes to break even on your solar panel investment will depend on a number of things including the total cost for your system, whether you’re financing or you buy outright, and several other factors. However, the typical time range to break even is about 8 to 11 years for most residential solar panel systems.

How much do solar panels weigh?

The average solar panel weighs about 40 pounds. This will add about 2.8 pounds per square foot to pitched roofs, and about 5 pounds per square foot for flat roofs.

Can Solar Panels Withstand Hail Storms?

Yes! Properly installed solar panels are much more resilient than people imagine. Just because they’re thin and reflective like glass doesn’t mean they are fragile. In fact, many solar panel owners report extensive damage to the rest of their home, cars, and property, while their solar panel system stays undamaged. The angle and direction the panels are installed facing make the biggest difference regarding their vulnerability during a hail storm, and like the rest of your property they can be insured against hail damage.

How Is Solar Energy Produced?

When the photons in sunlight hit the atoms in your solar panel, electrons can be kicked loose. Solar panels are designed to collect these disassociated electrons and store them in a battery to power your home and electronics.

Can Solar Panels Withstand Hurricanes?

When properly installed, especially in hurricane-prone areas like Florida, the strict installation regulations ensure that solar panel systems are as safe as the rest of your home and roof. In many circumstances, the added reinforcement actually helps the home and roof fare better in a hurricane than a home without solar panels. Of course, as in any natural disaster, anything can happen and there is no way to guarantee your solar panels won’t sustain damage or be ripped up along with the roof.

How much does it cost to lease solar panels?

The cost to lease a solar panel system depends on many factors including your location, your credit, and the size of system you will need, but the average ranges from about $75 – $250 per month. The best way to find out is to speak to a solar panel installer in your area. Click here to start an online solar panel quote now.

Fun Facts About New Jersey

New Jersey, known locally as the Garden State, has a total population of 9,288,994 as of 2020.Since 2010 the population has grown by 5.70%. The percentage of homeownership in New Jersey is a whopping 66.5%! This means that 66.5% of the 9,288,994 people in New Jersey are potentially elligible to install solar panels at their home. Click here to find out if you're elligible for solar panels. Famous for being the home of The world's first drive-in movie theater, built in 1933 near Camden, it should come as no surprise that the state motto is "Liberty and prosperity".

New Jersey has a total area of 7,354.22 square miles of which 84.31% is land. The average elevation in New Jersey is 250 feet with the highest point being High Point at an elevation of 1,803 feet. The lowest point in New Jersey is Atlantic Ocean. This type of landscape is generally advantageous for solar panels.

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