We Want To Make The World A Greener Place

SolvingSolar.com was created to help homeowners break their dependence on the energy grid and reduce their carbon footprint one solar panel at a time.


Solar Panels Are The Future Of Sustainability

At SolvingSolar.com we believe that solar panels will one day be the primary source of energy for the United States. It would take around 10 million acres of land (less than 0.5% of the area of the United States) to allow enough space for solar panels to supply all of our nation’s electricity.

Solar Panel 1.5M Number of Solar Panels Installed In The USA
Bulb Earth 1.6% Amount of US Energy Generated By Solar Panels
ECO House 12.3M Homes Powered By Solar Panels In The USA
Solar Panel 22.5K Square Miles of Solar Panels Needed To Power The USA

Built With The Homeowner In Mind

When it comes to solar panels and energy efficiency, we understand what the average homeowner is looking for because we're average homeowners too.

Get Fast Transparent Price Estimates

Don't worry about complicated pricing models from fly-by-night solar panel installers. Provide us with a few pieces of information about your property and we'll get you fair, easy to understand estimates from top installers in your area.

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Quotes From Pre-Vetted Local Solar Installers

We work with a network of pre-vetted solar panel installers from around the United States. When you request a quote for solar panels at SolvingSolar.com, you are matched with the best solar panel installers in your local area.

Our Approach Is Always Customer First

We understand the typical energy needs of homeowners because we're typical homeowners too. We wanted to create a customer first experience for solar panel installation, to make it easier for consumers to learn about the process and the products without all of the sales tactics.

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Eliminate Your Energy Bill With Solar Panels

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